Oksana was born and educated in Moscow, Russia where throughout her formative years trained as a classical pianist. Focused and disciplined in her musical studies, she graduated from the Gnessin State Musical College with high distinction in 1999, all the while filling sketchbooks with beautifully dressed, medieval princesses and Disney heroines, as well as embroidery designs. Inspired by Vasnetsov and Bilibin’s ornate and magical works, she knew that a life in visual arts was her true calling.

Pursuing that path seemed distant and fairy tale like at the moment, but she made a promise to herself to follow her heart. Finally reunited with her mother and sister in sunny California, the possibility for achieving that dream became a whole world closer.

Earning a Bachelor Degree in 2006, this time in Fine Arts, from California State University, Long Beach, Oksana honed and perfected her craft. A few months after graduation she would find herself at the San Diego Comic-Con, where she happened to meet the costume designer of The Chronicles of Narnia, who reviewed her portfolio. That fortuitous meeting would create her very first opportunity in the entertainment industry working on Prince Caspian. Since then, she has contributed as a costume concept artist on a number of productions, including Suicide Squad, Ghostbusters and The Opening Ceremony of the 2014 Olympic Games in Sochi. 

In her personal work, she is drawn to color, elegance, sensuality and female form. 

Oksana currently resides in Los Angeles, CA with her cat Shadow.